Organic Marjoram, 15g jar


  • Sweet, delicate and light taste
  • Ideal for tomato dishes
  • Food source of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
Botanical Name: Origanum majorana

Store in a clean, dry, dark and cool place.

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Although our website promotes a wide range of health benefits for spices, most of them are not supported by published literature. This doesn’t mean you won’t experience a benefit; it simply means that scientists don’t know if the benefit can be replicated with scientific studies.

Marjoram contains the following phytonutrients:

  • Rosmarinic acid, luteolin, and thymol > antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Carvacrol and thymol > antibacterial properties

The potential health benefits of these phytonutrients are:

  • Improving sore throats
  • Reducing intestinal colic and flatulence
  • Potentially reducing the risk of cancer
  • Combating motion sickness


  • 15gr de folhas secas de manjerona orgânicas
  • Fonte de vitaminas: K, A, B6, C, B3, B2 e B1
  • Fonte de minerais: Ferro, Manganês, Cálcio, Cobre, Magnésio e Potássio

Utilização na Culinária:

A majerona combina muito bem com peixes. Também utilizado em pizzas e vegetais. Uma tisana de manjerona pode ajudar em fortes constipações e dá uma grande tranquilidade

Oregano is native to the Mediterranean region. Semi-rustic perennial shrub grown as an annual in cold climates (the aerial part dies back in winter with the cold). Its leaves are very delicate and soft when they appear in spring, along with the flowers. There is a lot of confusion between oregano and marjoram.

English immigrants took oregano to North America where it became known as marjoram. There is a very wide variety of oregano that can be recognized by the size and color of the leaf.

Very intense aroma and very good flavor.

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