Organic Olive Leaf Tisane, 20g box (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia)


  • Light flavor infusion
  • Does not contain theine (caffeine)
  • Each box serves 24 cups of tea
Botanical Name: Olea europaea
Suggested Use

Boil the water, pour over 1 to 2 grams of leaves and leave to infuse for 5 to 10 minutes.

After meals, drink the herbal tea hot or cold.


Store in a clean, dry, dark and cool place.

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Organic certification

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The olive tree, with its attractive twisted trunk and gnarled bark, is as old as the hills where it grows. In the Old Testament, when the dove returns to Noah’s ark carrying an olive branch in its beak, everyone knows that the water level has begun to fall.

It has been the symbol of peace for centuries. The Greeks and Romans already used the oil extracted from its fruits and crowned the winners of the Olympic Games with garlands made from its leaves. Today, olive oil and olives, green or black, constitute a basic ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.

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